Cosmo Kids Urban Farming Project

To be held at the Cosmo Kids Club from 8:30 to 11:00 every Saturday.

Requirements to Start Project:

  1. Good Compost
  2. Clear Plastic – 10 metres
  3. Garden Tools and Small watering cans for the children
  4. Seed and Seedlings
  5. Organic Fertilizer
  6. 20 metres Chicken Wire for Trellises
  7. Purchase of Worm Farm Kit and demonstration by the Worm Man
  8. Arrangement in Place to pay Wilson and Jimmy Muropa for time spent on the project.

At 8:30 on Saturday 17 September, Cosmo Kids Club will meet and the kids will present their ideas for containers, composting and the best vegetables to grow this summer.

We will discuss the basics of small space vegetable gardening which are:

  1. PREPARE – Prepare the Soil
  2. PLANT – Choose and Plant Your Vegetables
  3. WATER – Watering – Remember to SAVE water
  4. WEED – Weeding – Weeds compete with vegetables for nutrients so they must be removed by hand
  5. MULCH – Use Mulch – not only does it stop water from evaporating (saves Water) its keeps weeds down.
  6. PROTECT – Protect your plants – Encourage natural predators such as frogs, lizards, birds, bats and beneficial insects such as lady birds.  Also use companion planting to encourage growth and attract or repel predators.
  7. HARVEST Harvesting your crop

WEEK 1 – 24th September 2016

Building of Beds

Using Gum poles, layout raised beds.  Line with plastic to prevent weeds.  Fill with compost.  Plant ONE bed with seeds and COVER with plastic – this will serve as a mini greenhouse. 

Requirements for Week 1: Plastic, Compost, Seed, Tools


Turn over beds, create drills and plant seedlings in the remaining THREE beds.  Water and Mulch.  Check on seed nursery.

Requirements for Week 2: Seedlings


Cosmo Kids to attach chicken wire around Well wall and place rocks in a circle half a metre around the wall (these stones to be stacked higher by Wilson in the week.)


Make vegetable labels using scraps or wood painted with chalk paint.

Requirements for Week 3:  Fencing


Water and Weed existing beds.

Fill circular bed by well and plant climbing plants – beans, pumpkins, butternuts and sunflowers. Transplant seeds from Greenhouse bed if ready (learn about transplanting).

Requirements for Week 4: Seed


Water and Weed existing beds.

Talk and Demo by Worm Man and construction of new vermiculture compost bed.

Requirements for Week 5: Purchase of 1 x worm farm, fee for demo by the Worm Man.


Water and Weed existing beds. Feed Worms.

Create extra beds as per kids’ ideas – tins, tyres, pipes etc for Competiton*. Create a vertical ladder planter using 2 litre coke bottles.

Make notes in Cosmo Kids books re growth of vegetables.


Water and Weed existing beds. Feed Worms.

Make notes in Cosmo Kids books re growth of vegetables.

Create new raised beds (with gum poles) and fencing along back boundary for climbing plants. Plant.

Requirements for Week 7: Compost, Seeds.


Water and Weed existing beds. Feed Worms.

Make notes in Cosmo Kids books re growth of vegetables.

Why Organic?  Learn about the impact of fertilizers and pesticides and why we should companion plant. Learn about crop rotation and succession planting to ensure a continuous supply of food. Plant companion plants in existing beds.

Requirements for Week 8: herb seedlings for companion planting, nasturtium, basil, garlic, marigolds etc.


Water and Weed existing beds. Feed Worms.

Make notes in Cosmo Kids books re growth of vegetables.

Learn about making Oil from Sunflower seeds.  Maybe visit an oil production plant – this could be done at a later stage once we have harvested our sunflower seeds.

Going forward week by week, Cosmo Kids will maintain and plant the beds. A roster will be set up for the school holidays so the kids can maintain the garden.


Cosmo Kids Party with foods prepared from their own produce.

Judging of competition and prize giving as per the following:


In addition to our standard raised beds, each child to supply an innovative container and choose what to grow in it.  At the end of term we will invite the OWN YOUR RUBBISH team and COSMO committee to judge the best three entries in terms of imaginative container/healthy plants.  The top three winners will get Prizes!  SO PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAPS KIDS AND USE YOUR IMAGINATIONS.

Before you throw ANYTHING away, STOP.  Can it be used as a plant container?

 Even an old pair of Jeans/Trousers can be used to grow FOOD – tie knots at the ankles, cut holes along the legs, fill with compost.


We will take the project to the next level by learning about business management.  The kids will learn basic bookkeeping skills and establish a budget.

We will allocate funds to the project and at Harvest Time the kids will take home what produce they need for their families.  They will then market the remaining Organic Produce to the community who can visit Kids Club on Saturdays and assisted by a Cosmo Kid, choose and purchase Organic produce.

These funds will go into the pot and at the end of the term we will replace the inputs and split the profits between the children for their families.

TERM 3 – If the project is successful we will look at the Cosmo Kids building a Green House from Old Soda Bottles.

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